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Why has AUSV canceled travel programs? 


The average cost of airfares in May 2022 was 19% higher than the previous month and 38% higher than May 2021. This trend has continued throughout the year and is expected to get worse by the holiday season. 


The Consumer Price Index, which measures prices on items like travel, groceries, clothes, and cars, in May 2022 saw the highest inflation reading since December 1981.


What’s more, the May 2022 price is over 22% higher than the average from March 2019, which would have been the last comparable May before COVID-19-related lockdowns in the U.S.


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For the reasons mentioned above, ALL AUSV trips and travel including Europe  for 2022 & 2023 have been cancelled.


Which travel packages have been canceled? 


All travel has been canceled for 2022 & 2023 .


Are there exceptions to the 2022 cancellation? 


All travel has been cancelled for 2022 & 2023.


Can I dispute the charge for the contribution I have made toward a travel package that has been canceled? 


If you wish to dispute your contribution, you may do so for the programs that have been canceled in 2022. However, you cannot dispute charges for programs in 2023 as they have not been canceled. 


Can I use the contribution/donation I have made toward a different program in 2023? 


Yes! You can either request a transfer when you submit your refund form, or you can wait to receive a list of all programs for 2023 and transfer your credit at that time. 

If I have requested a refund, when should I expect to receive my contribution back? 


AUSV is working diligently to provide a refund schedule. This list will become available the first week of September. 


What is the first project to be executed in 2023? 

The 8th Annual Veterans Awards is scheduled to be held in January 2023.


I have a Europe trip secured. Can I still use my Europe package? 


These trips have been cancelled.


Is AUSV going back to hosting screenings with celebrity Q & A? 


Yes! Our travel programs were designed to create opportunities for our members during the pandemic. However, now those social gatherings are back to a semi-normal status, AUSV will return to its original community engagement mission. 

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