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According to National Alliance of Mental Illness, Mental health heavily influences our quality of life. So it makes sense that mental health, just like physical health, needs to be taken care of and maintained. And one way that it can be maintained is through finding a sense of community.  

Our sponsored community projects such as events and travel opportunities open the door to a sense of belonging, support and purpose. These projects fall under our Mental Health and Suicide Prevention project: Unexpected Voices

AUSV events are where our veterans can meet new like minded members of the community and be their real selves. We bring back that sense of camaraderie that we left behind after fulfilling our military obligation. 

We roll out the red carpet for our veterans and community supporters. It's time for the world to treat our service members like the heroes that they truly are for raising their right hand and seeing the mission through. 

Active duty members are often invite as a token of our appreciation for their selfless service. Your membership provides the opportunity for AUSV to make room for those enlisted, who are currently serving our nation. 

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