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Recently, we were given the opportunity to host North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) representatives from 13 nations at the Veterans of All Nations Gala in Hollywood, California. It was an honor to work alongside members of an organization whose goal is to encourage global unity. The Academy of United States Veterans(AUSV) has a deep admiration and respect towards entities who dedicate their efforts creating platforms that form bonds and not breaks them. The inspiring mission of NATO reflects closely of AUSV's hopes of sparking a constructive dialogue toward solutions in a tumultuous world.

The United States was founded to uphold the values of liberty and justice. As proud citizens, we fight under one flag because our country promises us safety, freedom, and hope. Similarly, NATO’s founding treaty, Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, enforces that when one member nation is under attack, all members must come together under one treaty and prevail. Like the U.S., NATO is made up of diverse countries that respond to one call-to-action: restore and maintain international peace and security. In order to ensure our country maintains a great sense of international community, we must have NATO’s interests at heart.

Considering that, the Veterans of All Nations Gala brought these riveting ideals together under one roof to celebrate what it truly means to honor one another. Throughout the night, we saw glistening eyes in the audience as tributes were observed because regardless of individuals’ differences, everyone is affected by sudden loss and the tremendous anguish that comes with it.

As the night continued, laughter did as well. You could feel joy in the room and if you were to stand aside and watch over the event, you could not help but smile. People leaning into one another and sharing fascinating details about their country and their patriotic projects. Everyone under one roof, sharing one cause, hearts all full.

Projects like these are why the Academy of United States Veterans continues to strive toward harder and larger goals. We serve those who serve those who served because we believe in the veterans community and all those who honor it. At the end of the day, when people receive hope, love, and support, we feel prideful that we were able to contribute to that and that we have progressed towards fulfilling our service.

We salute NATO for being a model for unity and for continuing to motivate all veteran organizations to push forward and for helping us to envision the bigger picture.

To the members of NATO, thank you for allowing us to work with you, we are endlessly grateful.

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