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Nate Boyer set to host the 5th Annual Veterans Awards

United Colors of America In Honor of Diversity and Inclusion

(Arlington, VA ) – The Academy of United States Veterans (AUSV) is honored to announce that former NFL player of the Seattle Seahawks and United States Army Green Beret Nate Boyer will host the 5th Annual Veterans Awards. The 5th Annual Veterans Awards, also known as the VETTYS®, will take place on Saturday, January 18, 2020.

Boyer will host a significant year for AUSV. In 2020, the VETTYS® will celebrate its milestone by creating a platform that will highlight issues and topics that are most impactful to our countrymen & women at large. AUSV does not only focus on the issues that are fundamental to our military community but it also aims to serve all of our nations civilians. This year, it is AUSV’s mission to reintroduce compassion, decency, tolerance, and commitment to service to the American public by celebrating the diversity of our heritage at the 5th VETTYS®.

Every year, the Academy of United States Veterans honors outstanding individuals, organizations, business entities, projects, and programs which provide exceptional quality of public service. For years, the veterans community and its leaders have made great strides in entrepreneurship, academia, leadership, community service, and advocacy. The VETTYS® provides a recognition platform for individuals and entities to be acknowledged for their tireless demonstration of these various distinctions.

About the VETTYS®

The Annual Veterans Awards has hosted many influential members of our American community in its past four years of advocacy. Previous presenters and hosts include: Jake Tapper, Casey Affleck, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Ian Bohen, Kate Walsh, Anne Heche, Mike Vogul and many more. The VETTYS® is an accountability platform through recognition for public service across America.

About Academy of United States Veterans

With a relentless focus on the future, Academy of United States Veterans strives to drive our veterans and other powerful communities to work together to promote both what is morally right and socially impactful. AUSV builds sustainable bridges of trust, unity, and respect between our service members and other influential communities through advocacy, community relations, and media outreach. Its newsworthy events and projects open the doors to shared opportunities and a shared sense of community.

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