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Ties That Bind Us-Bringing Unity from Military to our American Community

WASHINGTON, D.C.– In celebration of the peaceful transfer of power and in honor of our veterans’ nonpartisan selfless service, Academy of United States Veterans will host the exclusive Vettys Inaugural Ball in the nation’s capital on January 20, 2021 at the elegant St. Regis Hotel.


The theme of this year’s Vettys Inaugural Ball - “Ties That Bind US” - symbolizes the fundamental concept of “One Team, One Fight” that our service members live by as they bear arms for not only the red states or the blue states - but for the United States of America.

“When we immigrated to America more than 3 decades ago, the doors of opportunity, acceptance and tolerance opened before us. I have since lived the American dream. I believe we will once again come together at hockey games divided only by the color of our jerseys - not the color of our states - That’s the America I know, said Assal Ravandi, President of the Academy of United States Veterans

“The Vettys Inaugural Ball is a celebration of the continuing role our veterans will play in influencing the future of our nation,” added Assal Ravandi


The ball will be an evening of celebration and elegance designed to bring together the most influential and diverse leaders of our nation. With a special toast to our troops, this cosmopolitan soirée promises to display the most momentous traditions and rituals of prestigious military balls. Just minutes from the White House, our distinguished black tie event will be filled with enchanting attire sure to turn heads throughout the night; an experience too remarkable to miss.


Academy of United States Veterans Foundation (AUSV) is a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit, nonpartisan veterans advocacy organization. AUSV is best known for hosting the Annual Veterans Awards (also known as the VETTYS)- with this year being the 6th presentation of the annual veterans awards focusing on Mental Health. Through advocacy and collaboration, AUSV celebrates our nation’s finest, their families, the community of organizations, and leaders who protect the interest of our veterans through their tireless efforts of public service.


In the height of the pandemic, it is our priority to be compliant with all COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocol strategies in order to keep our guests safe and healthy.



Katie Katz

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