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The Veterans Awards (VETTYS®) was conceived from the need to tell the stories of success and perseverance of our veterans community. Oftentimes, the only attention veterans receive stems from the negative issues that plague them. There is incredible work done in our veterans community and it is our mission to shed a light on all of the strides being made. Every year we grow and want to give more to the exceptional community as they continue to give more to us.


For the 3rd Annual Veterans Awards that was held in 2017, the Academy of United States Veterans decided to take the Vetty Statuette to the next level. We present this award to AUSV members who positively contribute to the veterans community. AUSV's mission is to provide the very best for the military community through public relations. Providing moral support and creating PR opportunities are the main operations AUSV sets out to execute.


The statuette for the Veterans Awards was a new design for the 3rd Veterans Awards. This statuette has been accepted and welcomed for the last two years. It represents the respect we have for the boots on the ground who have sacrificed a lot for our great nation. AUSV hopes the statuette itself reflects in its physical form about how our community strives to be better, do better, and give the very best to one another every year.

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In the metaphorical sense, “boots on the ground” refers to the ground troops who actively serve during a military operation. The phrase evokes a sense of foreboding for our foes and security for the American people. However, the phrase strips our service members of their most crucial characteristic—their humanity. Each “boot” deployed is a man or woman with family, friends, and life.


We want our Vetty Statuette to remind people of the sacrifice behind each “boot” and how much veteran service organizations do to ensure society treats our military members are not just considered “boots” but as people who have given much in service and need our service in return.


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AUSV collaborated with Bennett Awards to create the revamped boot design. Bennett Awards enthusiastically approached the project with a combination of AUSV's ideas with theirs. AUSV was excited to have seen its vision come to fruition, and are honored to feature their work.


Located in California, Bennett Awards is a family business managed by the husband and wife team of Bob and Alice Bennett. The Bennett family has much experience and have been in the awards and fine art business for over 40 years. It started as a nationally-recognized sculpture studio and network of fine art galleries. Eventually, it evolved into a single business. It currently provides unique, rich-quality, handcrafted awards to customers across the globe.

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