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August 20, 2020


Washington D. C.| Academy of United States Veterans has announced that the 6th Annual Veterans Awards - initially being held on November 11, 2020, has officially changed the date, and the event will now be held on May 14, 2021.

“No one truly understands the concept of “no one left behind” more than our service members”, says Iranian American U.S. Army veteran and CEO/Founder of Academy of United States Veterans, Assal Ravandi.

“While we would love to come together - as we do every year - to celebrate public service in our community, we can’t discount the fears and uncertainty that many face during these unpredictable months.” She goes on to say – “There may be some who don’t mind being in large crowds - yet, there are others who prefer to practice safety. Thus, as law-abiding citizens and fellow men, we will not discount the concerns of our fellow citizens, but rather, stand by them. When we come together in 2021, it will be an even more meaningful and grander affair on all counts.”

The Veterans Awards, also known as the “VETTYS”, is an annual black-tie event where U.S. veterans, active military, friends and family, and community supporters of our armed forces come together for an evening of celebration to recognize nominated veteran service organizations who’ve had an exceptional impact to the veteran community.

This year, mental health is in the spotlight - with categories such as PTSD, Suicide Prevention, homelessness, and more.

Academy of United States Veterans is known for its annual VETTYS, but they also makes it their mission to make a difference in the unspoken topic of mental health involving veterans and their families, as well as bridging the divide between the military community and our communities at large. (


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