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We’re social beings, and we are not meant to live in isolation. Community is critical for us to thrive, especially for someone with mental illness who is already experiencing the common symptoms of loneliness and isolation. When looking for a stronger sense of connection, you have to start with self-reflection. Being aware of what’s important to you can help you find ways to connect with other like-minded people. -NAMI

Jake Gyllenhaal | Academy of United States Veterans
Jake Gyllenhaal and American Author Jeff Bauman

Service members met with Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and American Author Jeff Bauman and shared their own inspiring stories of perseverance and strength at an exclusive meet and greet for the film Stronger. Many related to Jeff’s physical and mental journey that lead him to rediscover himself. Meet & greet was hosted by AUSV for Paralyzed Veterans of America.

General George Casey and
Sheila Casey

Representing Blue Star Families at the 4th Annual Veterans Awards Ceremony was two exceptional members of our community, General George Casey and Sheila Casey. Later that night, Ms. Sheila Casey walked the stage to accept the Leadership Award on behalf of BSF. She joined actress, Shohreh Aghdashloo, to present the Women Veterans Award to Service Women’s Action Network.

Montel Williams presented at the 3rd Vettys in Washington 

David Walker and Emmy-Winning Actor and U.S. Marine, Montel Williams. As the leader of an organization with a mission to inspire other groups  in advocating for veterans, Walker proceeds to discuss the importance of the Vettys  for the veterans community. Williams follows with indicating why NVLSP has earned the award for its remarkable achievements.

AUSV at the Mission Impossible: Fallout Premiere

AUSV president, Assal Ravandi | Actor, Henry Cavill | Blue Star Families CEO, Kathy Roth-Douquet at the Washington, D.C. premiere of Mission Impossible: Fallout. Paramount Pictures hosted  more than 30 tickets for  AUSV members to attend the red carpet premiere along with Tom Cruise and the cast.

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